Is TekkersTV free? Yes you can use TekkersTV for free. However, there are certain restrictions to free use. You can only upload videos that are max 20MB in size. You can also only upload a maximum of 5 videos a month to a free account. Any further video uploads will require a payment. We offer a variety of packages to suit all users.

How does TekkersTV and the Performance Analysis site/app link? If you subscribe to one of these services you are automatically registered with the other service. This DOES not involve any cost to you and you do not need to use both services. We have created the sites/apps like this as we realise that many users will subscribe to both services and this was created so that process was as simple as possible.

Will I be scouted if I upload videos? There is NO guarantee you will be scouted. However, many scouts use the performance app and are registered with TekkersTV. Scouts will view the videos on the site and thus they will have access to seeing your performance. You can also post reports on the site that you or a parent or coach have produced for scouts to see. If you are linked to a club and this is clearly available to scouts they may come and watch you based on your videos.

Can I block people? At present there is no direct way to block a person but you can click on NO in your personal profile to stop challenges from anyone you don't know. Any concerns can be directed to us via the contact details and will investigate any complaint received.

Can I upload my video to more than one category? At present you have to select one category at a time to post a video but you can repost it in another category as well if you so wish.

Who made the training videos? Who are featured in them? These were created by a UEFA 'A' License Coach who works at a top premier league academy in the England. The ages of the players range from 7-19. Some of the players feature are grassroots players, whilst the others are academy players.

Can I create as many leagues as I want to? YES you can but you will have to upgrade your package to do this.

How do I register a complaint or concern? If you have any complaints or concern about the site or any content that has been uploaded to the site then please contact us and we will carry out an investigation. Any user found to be misusing the site and breaking our terms and conditions can have their account terminated by us.