Allow Challenges from all
This allows any member of Tekkerstv to send you a skills challenge. If you do not want this then please state NO.

Can be scouted
This means that any scout searching and watching TekkersTV can see that you are interested in being scouted by a professional or amateur club. THIS DOES NOT MEAN you will be scouted or contacted by scouts but just indicates that you are interested in being scouted.

Can join League
This allows you to join any leagues that are available to you. To join a league you are not a member off you will need to be accepted by the OWNER/CREATOR of that league. You are automatically put in national leagues.

Can up load videos
This allows you to upload videos to tekkersTV. You can upload 5 videos a month for FREE. Any further videos you wish to upload will require to purchase one of our packages.

Performance report visible to scouts
This means that any performance report that you produce from using our performance analysis app can be uploaded and viewed by scouts next to a video you upload.

Do you want to subscribe
If you subscribe you will receive emails and notifications from us regarding upgrades, promotions and other important information that will assist you in enjoying the site(s).This is will also allow you to choose payment package to upload your videos.


If none of your friend is registered yet on tekkersTV you can use the invite friend option (in add tekkersTv league section) to send an invitation to your friends. Should be replaced with none of your friends are registered yet.

what is an authorisation email address ?
An authorisation email address is for any player under 13 years of age, which is in line with our Child Protection Policy (
Terms and conditions).The player must enter an authorisation email address of a person/parent who gives approval for the player to register and use the site. Additionally, the person/parent can respond if there is any contact from scouts. Alternatively, we recommend that it may be more appropriate for a parent/carer to register and run the account themselves.

TekkersTV Child Protection Policy
TekkersTV is a social network site and therefore it is extremely important to us that the issue of Child Protection is adhered to. Like other social network sites we suggest that only people over the age of 13 register to use this site.TekkersTV is fully committed to safeguarding the welfare of all children and young people. All users of this site must act responsibly and within UK Laws and guidelines on Child Protection. As stated in our terms and conditions TekkersTV will not tolerate any use of the site that is against such laws and practices. Please read our terms and conditions prior to using the site for more detailed information. Also refer to the FA’s website on Safeguarding.