Uk football trials

UK Football Trials are the world's most successful trials company for scouting players and getting them Pro or Semi pro club trials. Over the last 3 years, at our open football trials we have had over 400 player details requested by scouts and had over 250 players receive either pro club football academy trials or senior / semi pro football trials. This makes us the most successful and most trusted football trials company in the world

Joner 1on1 Football Training

Joner 1on1 Football Training provides individually tailored football training for boys, girls and elite players of all ages. Whether new to the game or a professional player, Joner 1on1 works on all main elements of the game including skills, drills, technique, advice, strategies and fitness, specifically designed to help develop each individual players fullpotential and maximise their play potential and maximise their play.

The Professional Football Scouts Association (PFSA)

The Professional Football Scouts Association (PFSA) was formed in 2013 by 2 Premier League Scouts with the Head Offices for the association based in the heart of Lancashire. It is the aim of the PFSA to liaise with all governing bodies and professional/non-professional leagues on behalf of all member scouts promoting best practice and the raising standards. The main aim of the association is to set out the relevant systems and procedures on a level consistent with the introduction of the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP). Members of the association will be committed to the agreed code of conduct set out by the association and the rules & regulations set out by their respective football governing bodies

SSP Performance Analysis system

SSP Performance Analysis system is aimed at grassroots scouts, coaches, players and parents. The system allows you to analyse a player & team performance in a variety of ways. The user can complete a detailed or quick report. The detailed report separates each area in to 8 sub-areas so creating a much more detailed profile. Player's reports are constantly updated as more are filed to create an overall picture of a player's performance/progress, allowing users to track progress over time identifying areas for improvement. Reports can be triangulated, meaning you can connect with another user who has carried out a report on a player & these reports can be joined to create an overall picture. Coaches can also log player pitch time & their positions to track this over the season. Additionally, there is also a match analysis feature where you can create your own detailed profile of a player's performance through pass completion, shots etc. Basically, your createopta stats for a player.