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Smart sport performance NOW AVAILABLE!

Smart sport performance NOW AVAILABLE!

The smart performance app is now available from the Apple iPad App Store (Click Here) or online at Smart sport performance

An easy to use player analysis app utilized by professional football scouts throughout the world but also aimed at grassroots coaches, parents and players. This app will allow users to easily record performance and produce reports that will highlight a players strengths and weaknesses. Reports can be shared with others, if the user wishes. The reports can be merged to create an on-going player profile that will give users a vital and unique assessment of a players performance. The system will allow users to track that performance over time.


This is a fantastic app for a club. Parents and players are always looking to receive feedback. This app allows a club to have a consistent procedure for player performance analysis and feedback.
Reports can easily be produced analysing a player's performance and tracking their progress over time. The app is simple to use and is an essential for all clubs looking to add a professional touch to their player development

  • Allows clubs to create a consistent approach to player analysis
  • Helps educate club coaches on identifying and improving individual players
  • Produces reports that can be shared with parents and players
  • Tracks player participation creating minutes played analysis


This is a fantastic resource for a professional club who want to standardise their scout reporting. This app is particularly useful for professional clubs to monitor and track grassroots players, however, it can be easily used in the same way for scouting professional players.

  • Allows the clubs to track and monitor players creating player profiles
  • Allows clubs to highlight target players
  • Allows clubs to monitor scouts by viewing their reports and send them to watch targeted players
  • Standardises player assessments ensuring scout continuity
  • Helps train scouts in players analysis


This is an extra layer of management often found at Professional clubs who often have scout coordinators who are responsible for certain. This app allows scout coordinators to have access to the scouts in their area so monitoring players being tracked and being able to ensure players are not 'missed'.

A bespoke app can be adjusted to fit a clubs particularly needs and requirements.
For more information on this please contact: tony@smartsportperformance.co.uk